About PelMedic

 💡 Innovations 💡 

Our health care system needs progress not promises. PelMedic is working to move the doctor’s office to the patient’s comfort zone, to change how treatments are administered, and how care is delivered. We are bringing the doctor’s office into your home, office, shop, car, school, class room, farm and even on the road. With PelMedic, you can always consult a doctor wherever you are!


We are committed to delivering the best combination of healthcare and value in the industry, to finding new and improved ways to provide real-world solutions that simplify healthcare processes and improve healthcare quality, and to being a valued healthcare partner with trusted and caring solutions. Everyone now have a free, fast and more convenient way to consult a doctor for non-emergency need.


PelMedic helps workers and their families remain healthy, receive quality treatment when necessary and achieve better health outcomes. We advocate healthy living, and our services provide everyone with tools and information needed to better manage their health, keep health conditions under control, and bring healthcare coverage to medically unreached communities. We are committed to the success and sustainability of the world’s health care system.