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PelMedic - An Online Community For Health

At PelMedic, we believe that care should be readily available, affordable and accessible to everyone. So we always create solutions, using state of the art technology, which brings care to your doorstep.

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Imagine having a lot of doctors at your reach at any time. Imagine wanting to talk to a Pediatrician about your baby, a Gynecologist about yourself, an Andrologist about your husband, and a Geriatrician about your parents; all at the comfort of your home!

Social Health

A patient can be any one of us at any time, so for PelMedic, it’s about the patient, it’s always about the patient. PelMedic users can share hearts and show love to care-needing acquaintances.

Electronic Health Records

Healthcare providers specialize. Often than not, specialists need to consult other specialists to make informed decisions about the next course of treatment for a patient. Our EHR makes it possible for specialists in different locations to quickly communicate patient’s data at any time.

Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)

Through our HIS, hospitals and healthcare providers have access to their patient’s past and current medical data at anytime and at anywhere, enabling them to make informed decisions that help save the patient’s life. E-card system that makes visiting a hospital for the first time easy for patients.

Health Tips

Daily health tips that help make your day a healthy one!

skin healthy

Dry skin needs special care. You need to strike the perfect balance between cleansing, replacing lost moisture, and exfoliating the…

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