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Take control of your Vitals. Measure Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiration Rate, Steps, Speed, and Sound With The PelMedic Vital Signs App.

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With PelMedic VS App, you can easily keep track of your Vital Signs. You don't need to spend too much money going to hospitals or clinic to check your health perfomance. Everything is easy, fast, cheap and trackable now!

Key Features

Here are some of the reasons PelMedic VS App is all you need

Blood Pressure

The PelMedic VS App takes clinically accurate Blood Pressure and Pulse measurements, with medical grade ECG.

Respiratory Rate

The PelMedic VS App takes accurate measurement of respiratory rates. Abnormal breathing rate can indicate a medical issue.

Step Count

The PelMedic VS App takes accurate step counts only when you take a step. Our technology is more accurate!


The PelMedic VS App takes accurate speed measurement when you have covered a certain distance

Noise Meter

With PelMedic VS App, you can know the level of noise around you.

Chatting System

The PelMedic VS App allows you to share your data with other users and send messages across to users you know.


What Our Users Say

" It seems that only PelMedic VS App knows how to get the job done. "

Calvin Carlo

"I never knew my blood pressure was so high until I started using the PelMedic VS App. It saved my life by alerting me to the danger and helping me get the treatment I needed."

Christa Smith

"The ECG feature on the PelMedic VS App helped my doctor detect a heart issue that I never knew I had. It truly saved my life."

Jemina CLone

"I have a chronic respiratory illness and the respiratory rate measure on the PelMedic VS App helps me keep track of my condition and alert my doctor to any changes. It has been a lifesaver."

Smith Vodka

"I recently had surgery and the step counter on the PelMedic VS App helped me track my progress and stay motivated to keep moving. It was a lifesaver during my recovery."

Cristino Murfi

"As a first responder, I rely on the PelMedic VS App to quickly and accurately assess the vital signs of my patients. It has been instrumental in saving many lives."

Cristino Murfi